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We’re leaving April 2004, but already there’s loads to be done. We need help in terms of your money and your time! Everyone can give one or the other (or both?).

Here’s what we need help with, from the most time-consuming things through to the easiest:

 Spread the world !

In the businesses that financially support us, we can show our film, give conferences or set up a photo display of the trip. The angle given to a conference or display can be adapted according to the audience. Generally, though, they will centre on the adventurous aspect (the physical and psychological challenge, as well as anecdotes from the trip) and the cultural aspects of the voyage (the peoples, traditions and histories of the regions we’re crossing). If you have friends with the right kind of connections, download our file and send it to them.

 Translate us!

French into English or French into Esperanto. We will send one or two pages each week. The teams of translators will take it in turns to translate them. Join their ranks!

 Sponsor a leg ! (Of the trip!)

Soon, we’re going to start asking you to sponsor a leg of the trip. Load your name (and your section of preference if you have one) onto our site, and we’ll send you a map of the indicated area.
You can also anti-sponsor us; pay 200 Euros and we’ll put a sticker on our bags insulting a brand name. If you can’t laugh, what can you do?

 Subscribe to our newsletter!

You’ll receive an update every two or three weeks before we set off, and then one or two each week during the trip. Just ask: